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    • Invited paper
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    • Invited paper
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    • Invited
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    • Journal Cover Article
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    • The article was featured on the AJP website and a AJP podcast with the authors.


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    • The article was mentioned in major news arenas including Science Daily and EurekaAlert. The publisher (OSA) featured a press release on their website.
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    • Journal Cover Article
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    • Feature of the Week: 1/15/11: Optical Coherence Tomography News (Jan 15 2011)


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    • The article was mentioned in major news arenas including Scientific American, New Scientist, Times of India, NRC Handelsblad (major Dutch newspaper), The Journal of the American Medical Association, Popular Science, Engadget, Science Daily, Discovery News and
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    • Feature of the Week: 7/11/09: Optical Coherence Tomography News (Jul 11 2009)
    • Our choice from the recent literature, Nature Photonics 3, 426-427 (2009)


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